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Research Projects

In pursuance of the schemes sanctioned by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India and in its goal to preserve the Tribal Cultures and for the welfare of the tribals, the TRI have taken up various research project on 50/50 basis funding between the State and Central government, which are briefly highlighted below:-

(1) Anal Tribe of Manipur

(2) Chothe Tribe of Manipur

(3) Poumai Tribe of Manipur

(4) Chiru Tribe of Manipur

(5) Thangal (Koirao) Tribe of Manipur

(6) Koireng Tribe of Manipur

(7) Lamkang Tribe of Manipur

(8) Kom Tribe of Manipur

(9) Kharam Tribe of Manipur

(10) Vaiphei Tribe of Manipur

(11) Tarao Tribe of Manipur

(12) Kacha Naga Tribe of Manipur

(13) Marin Tribe of Manipur

(14) The Kukis: A Socio Cultural Study

(15) Re-Study on Purum Tribe of Manipur

(16) Study on Correct Position of EducationIn Tamenglong District

(17) Study on Correct Position of Education in Churachandpur District

(18) Evaluation Study on Post Matric Scholarship of SC/ST students

(19) Evaluation Study on Displaced ST People by Govt. Projects

(20) Evaluation Study on Socio-Economic Condition of ST Women of Chandel District

(21) Evaluation Study on Socio-Economic Condition of ST Women of Tamenglong District

(22) Evaluation Study on Ashram Schools

(23) Evaluation Study on Tribal Boys’ & Girls’ Hostels

(24) Evaluation Study on Impact of Text-Books in tribal dialects

(25) Evaluation Study on Nutritional & Food Habits of the Tarao tribe

(26) Evaluation Study on Book Bank

(27) A Descriptive Grammar of Paite

(28) Megalithic Culture in Mao-Maram areas

(29) Traditional dresses & Crafts of the Zomi in Manipur

(30) A Descriptive Grammar of Maram

(31) An Outline of Paite Phonetics & Phonology

(32) Food Habits & Nutritional status of the Tarao Tribe

(33) Correct Position of Education in Senapati/Chandel Districts

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India has assigned this Institute to conduct research study on Utilization of Reservation for Scheduled Tribes in Government Jobs. The study will include the neighboring state of Nagaland. The Tribal Research & Development Institute, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh has been assigned to act as Nodal Institute. The above study will be taken up very shortly.

Publication of Completed Research

The TRI, Manipur takes up a number of research works and has taken up the task of publishing the completed research works in the form of books so that the same can be made available in the market for the general public.


1. The Mao Tribe of Manipur

2. The Thangal Tribe of Manipur

3. The Lamkang Tribe of Manipur

4. Compendium of Acts & Rules for the Listed People of Manipur

Publication of Approved Text Books in Tribal Languages

Development of tribal languages is one of the capacity building measures. The Commission of Linguistic Minorities, Govt. of India is pressing the TRIs to take up necessary measures to develop tribal languages. The TRI Manipur is taking up the job of publishing approved Text Books in tribal languages. There are about ten tribal languages recognized by the State Govt.The Text Books of the recognized languages are to be approved by the competent authority and the so approved manuscripts are published with financial assistance of TRI. The Tribal Research Institute of Manipur has an unique achievement in production of tribal literature. The tribes of Manipur are literature conscience as they had started writing of their languages with the coming of Christian Missionaries a hundred years before. The tribes of Manipur adopted Roman Scripts from the beginning even the groups are said to have posses script of their own in the past. But the letter was written in a hide of an animal which was eaten by a dog and lost it. Roman Script is their script now and it has taken deep roots in the said of tribal literature. They will not and cannot adopt any other scripts as their own kinsman in other states or countries also similarly adopted Roman Script for writing and communication. Of course the Roman Scripts they use are in a modified form to suit their languages. There are several tribal literature Societies. 

The TRI of Manipur has been in constant contact with the various Tribal Literature Societies and help the Societies for production of text prescribed text book, preparing guidelines of writing the language etc. Held workshops and seminar of on Tribal Literature and language publications in different tribal languages of Manipur. The contribution in number of volumes of published book to the Museum of Mankind in Bhopal exceeded more than 100 titles of book. 

In one year there are about 100 new books written in tribal languages and published through Tribal Research Institute. All together more than 2000 books had been published in various aspects of culture and other good reading subjects. Occasional exhibition of books published in tribal language have been organized at Imphal Capital of Manipur and at the Hill district headquarters to show the existence of books in their languages. There are more books published by individuals and association besides books published with assistance of T.R.I. There are several Dailies, Journals, Magazine in several tribal languages. 

The system of writing in most of the tribal languages have not yet been systematized except that of the Paite. More efforts are being made to systematize the writing system of the languages of the tribe in order to inseminate knowledge and quick to improve reading habits of the literature persons. This will form the non-monetary part of Tribal Development. The T.R.I of Manipur with long experience in the development of tribal languages can play a lead role in any Scheduled Tribe Development not only in Manipur but also in its neighboring States.

Books Information (Click below link) 
Books Published in Tribal Languages


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