Tribal Cultural Festival

First State Level Tribal Cultural Festival

The proposed Tribal Festival 2011-2012 to be held at Tribal Research Institute Auditorium Hall during 18 – 19 November, 2011 envisages to bring about harmony by imbibing the tribal people with a sense of appreciating and honoring and living in harmony with our culture. The festival will showcase the rich cultural heritage and foster good relationship among the different tribes of the State. The festival will emcompass varied dances, traditional sports, folk songs, display of tribal artifacts and indigenous food items.



“Harmonizing & Honouring Our Culture”


Main components: 

Indigenous tribal musical instruments

Cultural dances

Tribal folk songs



Tribal Research Institute Auditorium

Chingmeirong, Imphal



18th & 19th November, 2011


Cultural Festival by Lunminthang Haokip 


Rich and Poor Man's Kut by Lunminthang Haokip