Tribal Cultural Festival by Lunminthang Haokip

1. God created men to be one whole in Him, Men drifted from God to dip deep in self; Divine will to join all was ditched by sin, Human will to lift self needed no help; The urge to outdo all trailed men’s nature, The surge to tap art became one’s culture. 

Old folks sang and danced to the beat of life, Gen-next should repeat and peak the hype; Where tribes troop in to showcase what we were Let’s all join to raise the bar in that we wear That the cheer of song and dance may nurture The veer and nuances of Gospel culture.

 2. The rulers of the land played their own part, In small scheduled tribes they kept us apart; The Giver of lives on us can make claim To find His will on earth real and reclaim The tribes and nations back to His own fold And see all strifes cease and to His peace hold. 

3. We glory in our own culture and feel stable, God glories in new nature that’s humble; The designs of ethnic wears are a marvel, The craft defines the Maker’s high level; Pleasure pulls to us in nature ever see, Culture’s what we are; Future’s what we’ll be.